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SVS came to exist in the year 2001 as the partial fulfillment of the vision in the heart of Dr. Gnanadas Danam which was birthed in 1994. While studying at SABC, he got a burden and concern for the marginalized and out casted once in the land of India which propelled his heart to work for their holistic development.  As a result of this, a charitable trust was registered on 15th May 2001 called "Global Socio Educational and Charitable Trust" and a training center was started by the name 'Sathya Veda Seminary', to equip and send people for the community and social development in India and South Asia. SVS started functioning in a hired building at Trivandrum with seven students. The first graduation was done in 2004, and afterwards every year new graduates are sent out to different unreached villages of India.
This training program started to grow and graduates moved to different regions, contributing towards the moral and spiritual life of common people in India.  After a long period of prayer and tireless effort, by God’s grace we were able to buy 1 ½ acres land in 2010 and now it has become 4 acres, where Satya Veda Seminary is now functioning.
A three storied building with a roof top has been constructed with all the required facilities of Library, class - rooms, office, dormitory etc. A team of well qualified and committed faculty under the fabulous leadership of 
Dr. Gnanadas Danam the Director, works tirelessly to cater the vision and ethos of the institution.
The institution has gained a good reputation in Indian mission spectrum. Student community represents almost all states of India with a roll of 200 are being trained every year. The courses offered are Certificate in Theology, C.P.T(Church Planters training),  Diploma in Theology, Bachelor of Theology and Master of Divinity. The graduates are into various spheres of life getting on to become better community developers and social transfers imparting the knowledge of God’s unchanging Word to impact the lives of people.