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Trivandrum, Kerala,India


And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.

To effectively express the love of God, as revealed in Jesus Christ, to all people irrespective of language, culture or other backgrounds.

  • To impart  Theological, Cultural, Ethical, Historical and Linguistic information in order to challenge the students and enhance their vision for the work of meeting the spiritual . physical ,emotional,social needs of those who are struggling in society in their personal-family-social life.

  • To teach and apply the findings of behavioral and social sciences such as psychology, sociology and anthropology in a Biblical platform to the Indian context.

  • To equip the students to meet the challenges in their life that arises due to the rapidly changing environment affected by globalization, secularization and media influences.

  • To impart Christian ideals and kingdom values to the students to enhance the quality of character.

  • To aid in the development of human relation and communication skills required to deal with people at large.

  • To discover and develop the natural talents and gifts of individuals by providing them opportunities to implement effective methods of communication.

  • To help raise resources for community work.

  • To provide practical training in teamwork, community living and co-operative efforts.

  • To facilitate in the development of a healthy body and mind by participation in various group and individual activities outside the class room.
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SVS came to exist in the year June 2001 as the partial fulfillment of the vision in the heart of Rev. Gnanadas Danam which was birthed in 1994. While he was studying at SABC, he got a burden and concern for the holistic development of people of India in all aspects of their lives. As a result of this, a charitable trust was registered in 15th May 2001 under the name "Global Socio Educational and Charitable Trust" and a training center was started, by the name 'Sathya Veda Seminary', to equip and send people for the work of community and social development of India and South Asia. SVS started functioning in a hired building at Trivandrum, with seven students. The first graduation was done in 2004, and afterwards every year new graduates are sent out to different parts of India, especially to the North of India.

This training work started to grow and the graduates started doing great works. As people came to know of the good work being done by our graduates and also because of the high quality of training we started getting support from far and wide. Through patronage of various people we were able  to buy land in 2010, where Satya Veda Seminary is now functioning.

A three storied building with a roof top has been constructed with all the required facilities of Library, class rooms, office, dormitory etc. A team of well qualified and experienced teachers under the leadership of Rev. GnanadasDanam the Director, and Rev. L. Salim Raj the Principal, work with dedication to train up the students along with a team of dedicated faculty.

The institution has gained a good reputation in the regions wherever it was functioning earlier and is functioning now.The student community represents almost all states of India with a roll of 80 students at present. The courses offered are Certificate in Theology, Diploma in Theology, Bachelor of Theology and Master of Divinity. The graduates are into various spheres of life getting on to become better Teachers, Agriculturists, Businessmen, Social Workers, Community workers etc.Our former students have been the primary means for us to get new students.
About US
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  • Competent Leaders

  • Committed ministers.

  • Completely devoted to God, to His Church and to His people.

  • Confident and Confirmed of the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

  • Committed to Charitable and Community development activities.

  • Committed to reach the unreached with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and pioneering Churches.